I found something online that says Laurabolin contains stanazalol, or something 
similar so if it does, it should work.

This is something else I found on line:

In the UK, Winstrol-V (Stanozolol) drug is not for sale. However, the British 
veterinarians have the opportunity to issue a permit to import Winstrol-V 
anabolic steroid or other Stanozolol-containing drugs.


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Hi all
My cat Sherpa is 18months old and Felv+.  10 days ago she was diagnosed with 
severe non regenerative anaemia.  Haemocrit 12.7%.  She has been trying hard, 
eating well and even hunting moths but went downhill 2 days ago. I was all set 
to euthanase her today when I stumbled across the comments on Winstrol.  My vet 
was willing to try something similar as she couldn't get Winstrol in the UK.  
She injected her with Laurabolin today.

Did the Winstrol help cats with non regenerative anaemia?  Are there any 
helpful articles on it out there?

Also how long should I give it before I decide if it is working or not?  I 
don't want to prolong her suffering.

She is still alert and trying to live but off her food now.  Vet has given her 
Mirtazapine that may help that.  She is also on Veraflox for suspected 
mycoplasma infection and Loxicom for fever.
Any advice out there please?


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