Sorry, it's 5 mg predniSONE.

What you had before was likely predniSOLONE.

Prednisolone s considered by many to be better for cats, because predniSONE must be proceesed in the liver before it is the useable form predniSOLONE


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From: Sherri Godschalk
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Subject: [Felvtalk] Just a quick question about Prednisone

Good evening all. I just opened the refill the vet gave me for my FELV + cat named Bogey. The pill they gave me is a different shape than the one she ran out of last night. The other was a small oblong shaped pill and this one is a round scored pill with a V on one side a the numbers 50 94 on the reverse. I fear they have given me the wrong prescription here although it says Prednisone 5mg on the front. If I could ask…what does the Pred pill look like that you are giving your cat? I don’t want to miss a dose but also don’t want to give her the wrong med. Thanks in advance.

Sherri and Bogey

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