Hi Bob,

I had 3 for a while and the youngest (FeLV) was blind but very active and
playful. He would listen for and harass the other two (both are 10+ and one
is FelV) by chasing/pouncing them sometimes as they walked by, but they
also got along pretty well and would snuggle together and groom each other.
I think it depends on how dominant their personalities are.

I don't think 2 would gang up on one, the 2 playful ones would probably
just play with each other?

Stress isn't good for FeLV cats and a change in cat household dynamics can
be stressful. If you have a bedroom you can sequester the new cat in it for
a while as the other 2 adjust to having someone else in the house that
might help cut down on the stress.

Good luck!

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 3:02 PM, ROBERT CHAPEL <bcha...@optonline.net>

> Wondering.... particularly all you folks who have multiple cats at
> home.....   I have one reasonably healthy FeLV guy weighing in at 10 lbs
> and the other guy is a bit of a twerp at 6.2lbs as well as not having a lot
> of energy due his pain and poor vision......   the healthier guy is a
> maniac and just wants to have fun...which involved periodically throughout
> the day trying to get my other guy to play by attacking him..... Yogi..
> can't see well and only is able to avoid him by getting away after he is
> "jumped"....  Aside from my worry about Yogi's eye getting further injured
> I am feeling badly for my other guy who I had gotten the second cat
> specifically SO he would have a play buddy......   They had SO much fun
> when Yogi was well but now the other guy doesn't( obviously) understand
> that Yogi can't really play......  Jelly ( the big guy) is often bored and
> now getting into everything to burn off energy.....   I play with him a LOT
> but he's just a very energetic cat.......  I've been thinking of taking in
> a third shelter cat with FeLV that I know is pretty healthy at this time
> ( though for fiscal reasons I would foster this time) and has been since
> she was a Kitten in the hopes that ( given she is the same size as Jelly)
> they might be a play match and leave Yogi alone.....  I've never had three
> young cats in the house at the same time and wondering if any of you have
> an opinion as to the likelihood of the Healthier ones Play bonding and
> leaving the sicker one in peace OR will they gang up on the weaker
> guy......   The little guy is due to go to a Veterinary Opthalmologist
> tomorrow for a determination as to if his eye can be saved since his
> weakened condition puts him at high risk for the surgery....  I want to
> give him every chance to survive ( comfortably) and decided that ( despite
> my desire to avoid specialist charges) I stand the best chance of getting a
> good opinion from a vet that really knows eyes ( most don't appear to
> beyond the usually seen stuff....often including Corneal Ulcers...BUT...my
> guy now has some kind of growth forming on the cornea at it's intersection
> with the Sclera... that looks almost like a large pimple and it's getting
> larger....   thoughts welcome...
> Bob
> Warwick
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>> I?m so sorry Liz! I could tell how much you loved Hodor.
>> Ardy
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>> We lost Hodor yesterday. It was extremely hard. He stopped eating and
>> drinking. The vet had a hard time finding a vein for the catheter because
>> of his anemia. It was so sad. Thank you all for your kind words and
>> support. I wish that the vets could have done more to help him. FeLV sucks.
>> Elizabeth McCarty, ASW #36438
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