Lorrie wrote "If you had started your little guy on Winstrol a few weeks ago it
might have saved his life, but it is probably too late now."

And it might have done nothing. Th young ones seem to have little in reserve to 
let them fight the disease. No point in second-guessing what might have been, 
it can only be hurtful. If you can't find a Vet that will cooperate, there's 
not much that can be done by a lay-person, except to love them and do the best 
you can with what you have available.


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>Robert,  I am so sorry you are going thru this. I have lost many
>kittens who were born with the virus, which they got from their
>mother who was feral. All these precious kittens died at less than a
>year.  At first they were so playful and looked so healthy I thought
>the two tests I'd had were surely wrong, but at 8 months I started to
>lose them one by one.  The 4th and last (my favorite) made it to 11
>months.  I was devastated.
>On the other hand I have had several older cats at my sanctuary who must 
>have contracted the virus when older.  One died suddenly at 7 years
>old and the other is now 8 years old, and she has never been sick. 
>You never know what will happen.  
>If you had started your little guy on Winstrol a few weeks ago it
>might have saved his life, but it is probably too late now. 
>I just wanted to tell you I am so sorry, and I know what you are
>going thru.
>Lorrie with 13 rescued cats at home and 32 in my sanctuary.
>On 12-24, ROBERT CHAPEL wrote:
>> Amani et al....
>> Any idea of the life expectancy of untreated non regenerative anemia in 
>> a FeLV cat....Got a call on Yogi's  Most Recent Bloodwork and the vet 
>> states HCT of 14 and non regenerative anemia....  I was taken aback and 
>> didn't ask nearly enough questions but it was VERY clear that she felt 
>> it was time to put the little guy down.....   I am at the end of my 
>> money at this point and cannot take him to a bunch of other vets hoping 
>> one will be willing to prescribe the cocktail that is showing itself to 
>> be effective with others cats...( I don't think I am going to get a lot 
>> of cooperation from the Vet I was using after I gave her my opinion of 
>> her unwillingness to help me through unconventional means).....Nor can I 
>> afford Bone Marrow Biopsies and more definitive narrowing of the 
>> parameters of his drop in blood values ( it's Xmas eve and they are all 
>> gone from the office)....   As much as I would like to save this little 
>> guy... He has so many other things wrong with him that I don't know that 
>> I am doing him any favors..... Temp is 104...weight has dropped a full 
>> pound in the last 6 months.... If it weren't for the fact that he is 
>> still eating heartily I'd put him down.... Without further treatment is 
>> it kinder to put him down or allow nature to take it's course??.....The 
>> idea of him suffering from an inability to get enough O2 is 
>> unacceptable....
>> any suggestions are welcome.... but... please...  no admonitions re: 
>> what I _ should_ do.....    I have learned an immense amount from this 
>> experience and will NOT repeat it...  My other boy is still doing OK and 
>> I WILL find someone eventually that is willing to work with me..
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