You don’t need to self-promote much at all. I would stay away from the folks at 
your shelter, etc., because as you said, there's lots of competition. But 
seriously, there's LOTS AND LOTS of people looking for someone to house sit - 
and it isn’t just people who have animals. People who have plants or just want 
their house to look lived in while they are on vacation, also hire house 
sitters or someone who checks on their house while they're away.

I looked on Craigslist Hudson Valley for you. Have a look at people's ads. Most 
are pretty simplistic (and most reflect pretty poor English skills). I didn’t 
see any offering house or pet sitting services. You could post something there 
and see if anyone contacts you. 


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I've thought about this but, honestly, have no idea as to how to go about 
marketing those services...
The plain animal care arena where I live is literally glutted with people doing 
this ( some of whom are putting big bucks into Logos and Literature and 
advertising ( One woman actually had her care painted to match her business 
card  " Dog Sitty " .....    The people at the shelter are not going to help me 
out with it because ALL of them are in the business as well   : )    Still 
...I'm going to ask the Shelter Director if she herSELF has any ideas because 
she knows quite well the complications that I have with Yogi...
( Sadly... the little guy is not doing well for the past couple of days.... 
Hiding out... not coming up on the bed to snuggle... but... 
still eating and coming out of  Hiding if I shake the temptations box... 
I'd fell a LOT better if he were interacting....
Self promotion was never one of my strong suits.... it's one of the main 
reasons that I am struggling financially in my " near golden" years  : )

On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 05:38 PM,

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> Robert
> Can I make a suggestion which is something I would dearly love to do 
> myself. Why not house sit for others going on holidays, who have 
> animals? You could only accept jobs in the near vicinity, so you could 
> pop back home and check on your babies as needed. You could also 
> charge different amounts for just dropping in to check on an animal, 
> getting the mail, taking in the newspaper, and watering the plants, 
> versus staying at the house. I know that when I go away, the first and 
> most important thing I have to arrange is care for my animals. We are 
> lucky to have a cousin who is perpetually out of work (though quite
> young) so he is always available and good with our animals, and we pay 
> him well.
> Nowadays, with the internet as well, it is easier than ever to market 
> your services. No more do you have to pin an ad on a supermarket 
> community board, but you can do that too, along with a distribution of 
> flyers in neighbourhoods near you.
> There is good money in doing this, and what happens is that when one 
> person uses your services, he/she tells family and friends about you 
> when they're going away. You also can accept and reject jobs - you 
> aren?t stuck with a particular commitment - so there's far more 
> flexibility.
> You're obviously wonderful with animals, so you would be perfect for 
> something like this. (It is my dream job - I could live vicariously 
> through you.)
> Amani
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> Hello All:
> I have a recollection of someone( or someone(s) in our forum 
> mentioning trying a " Go fund me " campaign for their cat(s)....? Was 
> it at all successful????? I am going to need to find some money if I 
> am going to keep my guys going as I really can't return to any kind of 
> reasonable paying work as long as meds need to be give a few times a 
> day ( I can get paid 3x more for a day of work if I go back to where I 
> used to work which is 55 miles away.... but it makes me nervous being 
> that far away if something happens that I can't get back)... I have no 
> real prospects for anything near my home but am beginning to look....?
> The commited folks on this forum are spending FAR more on their 
> Kitties than I could dream of affording and it hurts me that what _ I 
> _ thought would be adequate care falls so short of what others are 
> doing......?
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> From: Amani Oakley To: "" Subject: Re: 
> [Felvtalk] Curly's gradual improvement
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> Hi Ardy. I just discovered this information on line. I had no idea it 
> was the same stuff and you don?t need a prescription for it.
> Amani
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> Of Ardy Robertson
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> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Curly's gradual improvement
> Hi Amani ? you just reminded me that I had purchased Doxycyclene for 
> our 21 year old cockatiel ? Selu ? a few years ago. He was 
> experiencing some respiratory problems and I had to mix it into his 
> water. It worked well as I remember.
> Ardy
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> Of Amani Oakley
> Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2017 9:11 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Curly's gradual improvement
> Oh Randy, I am so THRILLED to hear of your positive response to the 
> medications, and that your vet was so helpful. (What does your vet 
> think of the response?) You may think that 15% haematocrit is still 
> very sick, and it is still well outside the normal range, but you?ve 
> basically had a 60% increase in haematocrit in 3 weeks. That is quite 
> amazing and wonderful. It is as good a result as you would have had 
> with 2 units of blood being given as a transfusion, only it is much 
> better than a transfusion because Curly is producing her own cells, 
> rather than temporarily filling up with someone else?s blood.
> With respect to the Doxy, I am not sure. If it were me, I would 
> probably want to continue if you can. You?ve had a very good result.
> Why mess with the formula? I can?t say definitively, one way or the 
> other, since I very much figured things out by running weekly blood 
> work and if I saw a dip or a reversal in the numbers, I would adjust 
> the medication accordingly. I don?t know if I am right about my Doxy 
> theory (and it is just pure conjecture on my part, based on my non-vet
> research) but I really think that the Doxy is part of the effective 
> package. I feel that the Doxy holds the virus in check ? perhaps 
> slowing down its reproduction by inhibiting RNA synthesis ? enough to 
> allow the body to make some progress with the Winstrol. I don?t think 
> that the Winstrol on its own is enough.
> With the Doxy, I used to scrape the quarter tablet into a slab of 
> butter to coat it with butter, to help it slide down better, since the 
> quarter table it very dry and scratchy. I also posted recently that 
> the Doxy we get from vets (and even from our doctors) is the same as 
> what you can get to treat fish or birds, in a pet store, and that is 
> sold in powdered packages of 100 mg (same as 1 tablet). A prescription 
> isn?t needed for it, and because it is powdered, it can be mixed into 
> food or liquid.
> Great news, too, with your success in getting her to eat more and put 
> on weight.
> I love to hear good news on this front. Let?s hope she continues in 
> the right direction.
> Amani
> From: Felvtalk [] On Behalf 
> Of Randy Henke
> Sent: January-19-17 9:53 PM
> To:
> Subject: [Felvtalk] Curly's gradual improvement
> It has been a little over a month ago that I asked for advice on this 
> forum for our little girl, Curly.
> At that point, I had little hope. She was so lethargic and her 
> hematocrit had dipped to a critical 9%. I took everyone's advice, 
> especially Amani's, and asked our vet for Predisolone, Winstrol and 
> Doxycycline.
> According to her latest CBC two weeks ago, she is still a very sick 
> kitty but her hematocrit rebounded to 15% which I know is still very 
> low. All other numbers are improving slowly as well. That was after 
> less than three weeks of treatment.
> She is due for another CBC next Tuesday and I am hopeful we will see 
> more improvement. I've noticed her gums are more pink which I believe 
> is a good sign.
> We were still having problems with getting her to eat. She would have 
> her good days and her bad days but her weight was still creeping down.
> Last week I asked our vet about Mirtazapine and our vet agreed to give 
> us a prescription for it. I have to thank Robert for mentioning this 
> in one of his posts.
> One day last week she didn't want to eat so I gave her a quarter pill
> (3.75 mg) which is the dose our vet prescribed to give her daily. The 
> result was phenomenal and almost a little scary. She was bouncing off 
> the walls within a few hours and eating everything she could get her 
> paws on. I almost felt a little sorry for her because it was like she 
> couldn't sit still for more than a couple of minutes. But it was like 
> getting our old Curly back again in just a single day!
> The effect tapered off after a couple of days and we didn't feel 
> comfortable giving her another dose until she stopped eating again 
> because of how dramatic the change was. I've read online that a 
> smaller dose could be effective if given every 72 hours so we are 
> going to try doing that so she keeps eating. It was incredible to see 
> her weight go up by a quarter pound in just a couple of days.
> We are continuing the Prednisolone and Winstrol at the recommended 
> doses but our two week Doxycycline prescription ran out over a week 
> ago. She does appear to still be making improvement without it but I'm 
> wondering if I should ask for another prescription to keep that going 
> as well.
> I always worry about giving her the quarter pill of Doxy because I 
> know it can cause esophageal damage if it isn't followed by liquids. I 
> was following the pill with the liquid Winstrol solution but wasn't 
> sure if that was enough.
> Many thanks to everyone who gave us advice. It looks like we might 
> have our Curly back for at least a while yet and it's all because of 
> you people.
> Randy
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