Hi Bob,

I just got a nice e-mail from the moderator, James, explaining that
it is not him personally who is doing this.  He said those messages
were automated, but I am a member of 6 other cat groups and this
never happens on them.  I've been on them for years with no problems
like this.

Yes, I remember "the good old days" when it was text only, and I
still write in ascii text, as to me it is much better and does not
use as much memory.

On 02-03, ROBERT CHAPEL wrote:
> Listserve Technology is rather hard to decipher without a Help file... 
> and I never noticed one for this group when I joined ( has anyone ever 
> received such)... eg.. differences between Reply and Reply all ( I note 
> that if I use reply it STILL goes to everyone but if  REPLY all.. I see 
> the message listed twice... 
> I also frequently see " HTML attachment " scrubbed" instead of a 
> response from someone ( his happened with Kat's reply....  no 
> text...just HTML attachment scrubbed.    When I first started to use the 
> Internet _ many_ years ago when it was purely text based.. Listserves 
> were the only form of group communication and people who joined got a , 
> ridiculously long,hard to understand, but ultimately helpful file that 
> told you how to negotiate the list....  Perhaps we have such a thing for 
> this group??  Anyone notice??    I doubt the list maintainer has any 
> personal interest in dropping anyone...more likely it is an auto 
> response.....
> Bob

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