Why would people judge you?  I have an FIV cat and  now a felv cat.  All 
strays.  It's wonderful to help out the cats that need it the most.  My cat 
will be 2 years old and is just fine besides having the FELV status.  It is a 
great thing you are doing.

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I need some opinions I currently have one feline leukemia cat and someone as of 
now is going to give me there leukemia cat. they changed their mind for about 3 
weeks now. My question is for two years I've not told anyone that I have had 
and have a cat with feline leukemia I don't want people to judge me. But I feel 
bad cuz I'm not embarrassed to own a feline leukemia cats. My current cat is 
now two years past his diagnosis. Do I share with my friends and then Facebook 
or do I maintain keeping the secret

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