I just noticed your email, which was held up, you mentioned you were trying to 
post lab results. I didn’t get the lab results. I don’t know if you still want 
input into them, but if so, send them to me directly if you would like.


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So my last email I sent a few days ago didn't seem to go through as it needed 
to be moderated due to its size. I attached a pic of the blood test results 
which clearly the system didn't like. This was my email:


So Michael was first put on Epo a few weeks ago due to the suggestions of 
specialists that my vet contacted, he was not on it for long as the vet could 
see it was not working. I then organized to get Winstrol for him, he started it 
on 1 February but due to his blood count being super low he had to have a 
second transfusion on 3 February to give the Winstrol a chance to work. He is 
still on Doxy as far as I know and cortisone. He visited the vet yesterday (14 
Feb) with this update: his red blood cells are still dropping, but his 
platelets are up and the vet said he had a bit more colour in his mouth and 
tongue, he has lost a bit more weight and was running a slight temperature so 
his medrol (not sure what that is) was upped for 3 days, back to the vet on 17 
Feb. So kind of mixed results but still not looking good with the red blood 
cell production.

Unfortunately his latest test results shows a decline again, his red blood 
cells went from 10.42% on Tuesday to 8.18% on Friday and there is nothing more 
that can be done. At his current rate of decline he will reach critical levels 
by Monday.

My parents and I (but mostly my parents since I'm on the other side of the 
world) have to make a heartbreaking decision of when it's time for Mikey. The 
vet says that when he reaches 6% he will be feeling terrible and to add to this 
he has no more energy he just lies down in one spot all the time.

It is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I have accept his fate on 
top of being so far away from him.


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