My sweet, dear 14 yo FeLV boy Krammer was just diagnosed with aggressive
nasal carcinoma. For the last 2 months, he has had a chronic nosebleed. It
started out small around Christmas, and since then his symptoms have
included daily sneezing fits, bloody nasal discharge from one side of his
nose, and the recent appearance of a small pink mass in one of
his nostrils which we thought was simply a polyp. We biopsied it last week,
and the results were not good. His mitotic indexes were high, with 8-10 of
them being in the 10 fields.

Needless to say I'm devastated. It's hard to take, even when I've spent the
last 3 years half expecting something terrible every time we go to the vet.
:'( I'm talking to the vet later today for more information. My guess is
we'll opt for palliative care rather than radiation or chemotherapy, due to
his age, side effects, the rate of recurrence and my available finances,
but if anyone has suggestions, I'm happy to hear them out.

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