HTH is 'short hand' for 'Hope that Helps'
Kat (Mew Jersey)
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It is Advantage Multi   =~D   Have been trying to soothe his ears and hopefully SUFFOCATE some of the lil buggers with olive oil & cotton ball massaging. Persistant monsters!
What does HTH mean?
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p.s.. If the Ivermectin is to treat the Demodex, I never had any luck with that, but then, I've only treated dogs. I had success with Advantage Multi every two weeks, and most recently, Bravecto as labeled.


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May be asking for THAT on Monday. I just pray his neutering is in the very near future!
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That’s so weird. I have used Revolution, and it gets rid of the ear mites with a single application.




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The demodex gatoi !  Figaro would very likely NOT have gotten the parasite if the FeLV wasn't present.

Still working on that & ear mites- oral ivermectin every other day and a topical product meant to be used once/ mo Vet said to apply every 2 wks for approx 6 wks. Ear mites are quite stubborn, but the skin mites are succuming- maybe even OFF him now.


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