Bob, I am thrilled you have seen a bit of improvement, though I get your 
cautiousness as well. It could be something, it could be nothing, but any 
improvement lifts the spirits a bit. Also, based on the lab results I saw, it 
will take a long while to correct the abnormalities there, so anticipate a long 
slow battle. Hopefully, you continue to see bright-spots, and that those 
bright-spots increase in frequency and duration.

Keep up the patient, kind work for little Jelly.


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Thank you all for your support and suggestions...  It is a comfort to me that I 
have a group of folks that I KNOW get the attachment that we can develop to an 
animal... and when we have a truly special one ( ALL to me are special..thats 
the baseline... it just goes up from there : ) it is that much more painful....
I was ecstatic this AM when Jelly seemed to truly enjoy his grooming and pushed 
him little head INto the brush..then fell on his side inviting me to brush his 
sides and back....after that he actually ate a little bit of baby food off a 
plate.... I had to leave for a few hours and I was hoping against hope that 
when I returned he would have finished the rest of the baby food I left on the 
plate....   I don't know which bothers me more...getting my hopes up to have 
them dashed hours later or just never getting my hopes up?...  When I returned 
home he was quite lethargic and had not touched any of  the food...   His 
gurgling ( which had abated considerably for several hours( maybe the Winstrol 
IS helping this Amani? ) was back and getting meds and a little food into him 
was a challenge again.....  Still... he DID improve for a few hours which " 
may " be a good sign at all...  Every day I decide to...than 
decide against putting him down about 40 times...  But.. I'm a little better 
this time around with my ability to recognize Kitty discomfort and not rush to 
end a life that still HAS some life left...
As to foods he loves ( referencing Jennifers comments)....  I'm actually rather 
gingerly "force" feeding him his favorite food which always was turkey baby 
food....   Squirting a bit into the gum pouch opposite the side I place the 
syringe so that it does/t just go down his throat.... Once it's in his mouth he 
generally swallows it...   I leave plates of anything and everthing he ever 
liked in numerous places throughout the day so that he never has to go far to 
take a " bite " if he is inclined..... and Sheri... I can assure you that this 
little guy is not wanting for affection....  any time that he is willing to 
stay near me he IS near me ( but that was always the way it was...  I am 
literally unable to be in the presence of an animal without having a hand on 
some part of it's body.... Moreso my own pets but really quite the same with 
any animal any WHERE... I've been that way since I was a youngster..... 
   I'm the guy who would be VERY conflicted between saving the guy I don't know 
or his dog if their boat flipped in frigid seas ( with at least a 60% 
likelihood it would be the dog).....   So.... thank you all for your support 
and particularly for the love and care you provide the little creatures that so 
many others overlook...


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