I could not BE more sorry to hear this... it is SO close to my heart as well and has been from the time you started to write about little MO.   Thank you so much for giving your love and care to this unfortunate little guy...  it's so hard to accept this level of injustice sometimes and the only comfort _ I _ get is when lovely people like yourself step in and try to give help and comfort to these lovely creatures... I lost the Battle with my little Jelly very early in the AM on Monday and it was not an easy passing....  I wish that I had not held on as long....  If little mo is uncomfortable I would definitely suggest that you euthanize him lest he die uncomfortably.....  but... that is obviously coming from a person who is still feeling guilty that he waiting too long himself.....    I know how hard you have been trying and I have immense respect for your giving heart and compassion for the little creatures who have no one but us( and the many other animal caretakers out there)... to look out for them....   Whatever else you feel...know that you should value your pure heart.


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