I like that idea of the tattoo, very nice.  My baby Skylar is still doing well 
and healthy.

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Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing? We've been very busy 
here with the end of the school year, holidays, graduations, etc.

My Violet is doing well, she seems happy and healthy although I'm struggling to 
find a healthy food that she likes. She loved the honest kitchen food when I 
first bought it but now isn't very excited to eat it. I'm going to check out 
other options at a local pet health food store this week to see if I can find 
something she likes.

I got a tattoo for Mo about a week ago. I felt like it was the closure I was 
looking for and the artist even let me put his ashes into the ink. I know he is 
always with me now but I'm still very emotional about the whole ordeal. It's 
been two months but still feels so raw.

I hope all of you and all your fur babies are doing well, I just wanted to pop 
on and say "hey". I'm so glad to be heading towards summer and back in my 
garden again. It keeps my mind busy and is so cathartic. We planted catnip for 
Violet, she absolutely loves it! It's so funny to watch her bliss out when she 
eats a leaf or two😊

Best wishes,
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