You are an angel to the kitties you have cared for!!  This new one will know a true home with such great love, even if it is only for a short time.  Thank you for all that you do.
Kat (Mew Jersey)
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So Glad to hear that no new " tragedies" have emerged of late and that
Violet loves her catnip!.. I love the image I conjur of her eating a
leaf or two and rolling in the Grass looking at you with her little head
upside down....  It's been only a few weeks since I lost my buddy
Magellin and though it's not with me on a daily basis I only have to
encounter a surprise reminder to bring tears to my eyes ( eg... needing
to put some meds for myself into a container and grabbing the nearest
empty one which turned out to be Jelly's Mirtazapine container...
virtually in a second the whole experience came rushing back...
attempting to get him to eat..watching him lose weight... syringe
feeding him...   Friends ask me " why are you considering doing it
again" and all I can say is....  " It feels worse to NOT help than the
pain of helping"...  Amani expressed a nice sentiment a few times when
explaining to folks why she continues to do what she does...
" If the people who care about cats don't help them it's certainly not
going to be the people who _ don't_ care about them" ( yes Amani I took
a measure of literary license in quoting you...  Hope it's close : )
On Sunday I expect to take home my new Foster... and older " Miracle"
survivor of some kind of traumatic encounter( we don't know what)... He
was traumatically brain injured and could barely walk when he first came
to us..when I drove him to the vet I was positive they would just put
him down... but he made a miraculous recovery and is now just the
sweetest lap cat you could know... but still not entirely steady on his
feet..  In the last few weeks he developed a tumor behind one of his
eyes and it is the consensus of two vets that it is a cancer that will
kill him in a few months.... ( one of the vets had a cat with the exact
same situation and used a combination of Sub Cu injectable alternative
meds to keep the boy alive for an extra nine months...  I can't stand
the idea of this sweet guy living out his remaining days on the bottom
level of cages just sleeping there with little attention until he
dies... He deserves to see the sun and to have someone to pet him and
know a home for at least a few months....  I'm hoping that knowing in
advance of taking him home that the only real surprise would be his
actually surviving that I won't have the same level of sadness that my
others guys engendered... Be that as it may... I'm doing it.

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