Thank you so actual name is Patti.   Unfortunately, I no longer have 
internet service at my home..(too many vet bills).    Yes, Martin was FELV..I 
had known that, but still had him re tested.... recently.   He passed 
quickly..I tried the LTCI injections with my first FELV.spent thousands.   But 
my little Joe ultimately died.    I HATE that disease..  anyone here may 
telephone me any time...due to me not having internet...most days.   Area code 

Thanks for being there
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>I'm sorry to hear about Martin... I don't know that I've heard about him 
>before on this forum but having him die in under year suggests to me 
>that he was FeLV...  I'm beginning to have a rather visceral reaction 
>comparable to those I have upon hearing of people who abuse animals 
>whenever I hear the name of that disease... It's become my decided 
>enemy....Robbing both quality of AND life from these wonderful little 
>creatures so early on...... BTW... a small request.  Perhaps people 
>could identify themselves if they are not regular contributors to the 
>list if their email identity does not include their name....  It's seems 
>a little odd to me to address a note to
>rosebudcocopuff :)   Thank you RBCCpuff for providing a loving home for 
>this fellow...  a large chunk of luck in an otherwise unlucky life..
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