I would not be giving up on Annie by any means...  As Amani points out her blood values are not at a critical phase... she has some signs of a possible infection that could respond to ABX treatment and you could, of course be pleasantly surprised at her ability to rally...   Thiis is not to suggest that your concerns are unfounded...  with my own luck of late I could easily find myself assuming that a FeLV cat of mine was on his or her way out if they had even a URI.....   This time around I'm fostering a cat with Terminal Cancer because I feel HE stands a better chance of surviving  : )     I'm gratified that there are many in this forum who have managed to keep their FeLV charges alive for multiple years and the cumulative knowledge we all gain will help us down the line to brighten the prospects for more of these kitties down the line....  I'm rooting for Annie to make comeback..

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