I do not know any shelters in your area, but I want to tell you that you are an angel for these kitties!!
Thank you for all you do.
Kat (Mew Jersey)
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Hi all,  I am with a shelter in Western NY.  I have adopted several FE LV+ cats.  I was asked if I could take on one more for the shelter and did.  Last night I was asked if I would be willing to take two more from a neighboring shelter.  I was unable to do that and they were euthanized today. That shelter is not interested in rescue groups or putting any money or other resources into cats that are Fe Lv+.   I am looking to find Fe Lv rescues that are in the NY/PA/OH areas that I could contact to see if in the future I could take cats in need to so that they are not euthanized. 
Thank you for any suggestions and assistance!!



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