Buprenex/buprenorphine. It is what I have used in many cats, it's very 
effective, dose is easily adjusted for each cat, and it's simple to give. I get 
it from Diamndbackdrugs;


but most shelters should have it. Oral is best, works the fastest, and just has 
to go IN the cat's mouth, NOT be swallowed. I had a cat with oral SCC, and she 
seemed happy and pain free to the end.

Since this is a Foster cat, I don't think the shelter is going to pursue much 
in the way of treatment, but as Amani said prednisolone can only help. And 
readily available.

Thank you for being his soft place to fall, and a final loving home. So many 
never find that. I know how hard it is, please know you are making a huge 
difference in a small, but very important, life.


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>My latest boy.... Gilbert... who is not FeLV but does have a Cancerous 
>Tumor behind his Right eye that is extending into his jaw and mouth, is 
>beginning to show signs of pain ( periodically bats at his jaw with his 
>paw and rubs his eye and jaw repeatedly against objects...eating is off 
>and he shifts food to the left side of his mouth and uses rocking 
>motions of his head to chew rather than opening and closing his jaw....
>I have a couple of suboxone syringes left and I'm sure I can get the 
>shelter to prescribe pain meds ( I'm fostering him for them) but wanted 
>to ask you folks what you all have used in the past for pain control or 
>amelioration....  I don't want the guy to hurt but don't want him to 
>have to spend all his days in a stupor either as he is not , apparently, 
>in such constant pain that he is not interested in appreciating the day 
>or exploring a little bit.....  As predicted I am going to be 
>heartbroken when he passes.... I thought that knowing in advance that I 
>was taking a dying cat I might be less prone to intense attachment but 
>apparently I am not built that way.... this boy is one of the sweetest, 
>gentlest cats I have ever met.... all he wants is to be near people...to 
>sit on laps and to be petted ( perhaps being Brain damaged affected the 
>" ignore" center in his brain : )...  The fact that his balance is a 
>little off and he ofen holds his head at an odd angle just adds to the 
>affection I feel for this brave guy ( Yeah, I know... it's built into 
>his  genetics to survive but there is still something courageous about 
>watching this boy non complainingly doing his best to make do...   Have 
>any of you used meds that helped with pain that did not completely put 
>your cats into a stupor....   I'm worried about my boy because he is 
>already less than able with his balance and I am not always home... 
>would like for him not to hurt himself attempting to jump on something 
>and missisng......   Ultimately I could keep him confined to a "safe" 
>room... but that is a last resort thing..... I took him from the shelter 
>so that he would not be confined and would like him to have free rein 
>for as long as I can.....
>Thanks for any experiences you might be able to contribute....
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