I am so sorry to hear about Gilbert. This sounds like much the same 
progression.  The sinus drip was from the pressure, although we didn't know 
that.  We just knew it was not bacterial.  

Her head started to swell and she didn't have the energy or strength to go to 
her favorite spots.  (The cats rotated in a fair fashion.)  I hope Gilbert will 
not take the same course, but it was only a few days after her eye was closed 
that we made our decision. 

So sorry to hear about Gilbert and so wonderful to hear he spent his short time 
in such a loving home.


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So Sorry to  hear about Destiny... was afraid it was something like this when 
it was discovered  that she was FeLV+....  My Current Cat (
Gilbert) is suffering much the same fate ( apart from the FeLV)... I am keeping 
him on Prednisolone to keep the tumor in check for as long as we can... and 
just last week he developed what appeared to be a sinus infection ( though none 
of his exudate is purulent at this point) In his case the tumor makes it 
impossible to _ close_ one of his eyes all the way( so I give him drops several 
times a day to keep some moisture on the eyeball....  We'll put him down at the 
point that he stops eating or appears to be in severe pain... neither has 
happened as yet...  I will miss him terribly... he is one of the nicest cats I 
have ever met... Appears we have all been very fortunate to have beautiful 
kitties with terrific personalities in our care and equally unfortunate in 
losing them SO far before their reasonable time.... Your girl sounds like she 
was a sweetie.....  I am sorry...

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