Hi Bob,
Thank you for the update on Gilbert!
There hasn't been much in the way of messages in the group - hoping this is a good thing.
Kat (Mew Jersey)
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Things have been very quiet on the group lately...OR... I am once again not getting group mail....
Has there been activity I've missed??
My Hospice Boy ( Gilbert) is doing quite well for the moment but ( as we all know with such things it could change any minute...so I'll just enjoy it while it's happening)....    Wondering if any of you have experience with Higher dose Prednisolone administered chronically ( say above 7.5 mg QD)...  When I agreed to Foster Gilbert it came with the proviso that I would follow their directions ( Which I will hold to unless I feel they are killing him unnecessarily quickly)  His Tumor does not appear to have gotten any larger and his pain appears to be pretty well controlled.... Just wish I knew specifically what is helping the most so I could cut down on superfluous drugs....currently he's on Gabapentin( .4 cc BID if pain is up.. QD if doing OK).. for pain, prednisolone ( 10 mg QD administered via syringe dissolved in milk, Venus Fly Trap SubQ BID ( interesting substance... bears closer scrutiny...  supposed to have anti tumor activity) Two other " alternative " medications which I have suspended only because the poor boy screams bloody murder every time I have to give him something..... with a tumor invading his oral cavity I want to keep anything PO to a minimum....
Seems that the cats I've had that are _ supposed_ to ( clincally) die don't and the ones that that aren't ..do
Hope everyones buddies are doing reasonably well ( as reasonably well as FeLV Kitties can do)...  Gilbert, as I mentioned, had a traumatic brain injury which has left him with poor balance... but lately he's been insistent on expanding his range and even tried running this AM...  Wasn't in anything resembling a straight line but the spirit in this guy is enough to make you weep...  Guess that's part of why I am such a fan of animals.... they simply do what they have to and do it without complaint  ( Sure glad they can't speak...perhaps I'd like them less if their inner thoughts were more like ( Why ME??  I'm a more thoughtful caring cat than Mittens over there; why did _ I_ have to get hit by a car and THEN get cancer!!... and there's that jerk Mittens running around all carefree and happy...where's the Justice I ask you!!!!)...


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