Sheila, my 2 cents- 
- for me -  it's not just spreading the FeLV to others, it the autoimmune 
problem of not being able to fight off viruses or diseases that they could get 
from other cats.
I have Buddy in our guest room - in a controlled environment- we replaced the 
door with another re-engineered door. The replacement door bottom panel we 
replaced with clear plexiglas so he can see the other cats in the house, and 
the top panel with a screen door screen guard panel for air and to get house 
sounds. He uses the plexiglas as a drum-especially when he wants attention!

I have spent at least 2 hours with him each night for the last 5 years- have my 
own easy chair and large screen tv :)

That's the remedy I came up with so he gets plenty of loving and entertainment- 
he's probably the healthiest of all the other 14 I have inside!

•Food: no junk food, both wet and no-grain kibble -that includes a variety of 
brands- and fresh water
•Vaccine: wouldn't touch it - I don't use vaccines unless required by law
•Stress: I keep it as low as possible, that means only vet trips if life & 
death- can't afford routine visits because we're living on retirement funds 
•Pray: a lot
Will be praying for Robert too!

-g 🇺🇸
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> On Jul 24, 2017, at 5:12 AM, Armstrong-Brown, Sheila DDS Timonium 
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> I heard the leukemia  vaccine carries a high risk of cancer.  Does anyone 
> have their FELV cat around non-felv cats?  I thought about letting Skylar out 
> only while I am home and see how it goes with the regular cats.  But I have a 
> FIV cat in the mix of the other cats and not sure if they would pass germs 
> and cause more harm.  My Felv has no signs of illness since he was moved him 
> indoor.    I don't think he can be near the FIV cat.  Thanks for any info 
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> Hi Sheila...
> Wonder if you have anyone helping you with Cat Care ( or expenses).... 
> that is a lot of cats to look after
> and the expense could get rather overwhelming..... are some of them fosters???
> Bob
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