Hello my Felv friends ---- this is a little off-topic, but I have to vent:
My granddaughter texted me this afternoon that a Facebook friend of hers was
driving from our city to a neighboring town, when the vehicle ahead of her
tossed a kitten out of the car window at 60 mph!! The poor little babe
struck her windshield! She was able to come to a safe stop, but was unable
to get the license number or really much of a description of the vehicle.
The little gray kitty was badly injured, but she is taking good care of it,
and has it home with her tonight. He (or she) has eye and nose injuries,
among others, but I believe he is stable. My granddaughter messaged her
friend and said that she will help with the vet bill and also with the food
and other supplies she will need for this kitty. The friend says she is
going to provide a forever home for the kitty. I am dropping off some money
in the morning at my granddaughter's house to pitch in, because she is going
shopping for kitty food, a bed, some toys, a brush, etc. for her friend. We
are just so irritated that someone would do something like this, and I am so
grateful there are people like my granddaughter and her friend who are
willing to do what it takes to help this poor little babe.


I am hoping someone on Facebook will see the story they posted, with
pictures, and turn this person in to the authorities. He also could have
caused an accident if the girl had swerved to avoid hitting the kitty - but
I suppose it happened so fast she probably didn't even know what it was. I
hope this person does not have other pets, or children!


Thanks for listening!




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