Hi Margo – I appreciate the offer of a donation, but I will help and my 
granddaughter will too – so I think this one is covered. We all have a lot of 
our own pet expenses, or donate to something closer. This one I know is real 
because the situation is local…which really makes me ashamed of whoever did 
this in my area!!  I did send a couple pictures to Amani. They are not horribly 
graphic but they do show the little one’s injuries to her nose and right eye. I 
truly believe this one’s injuries are survivable, but I did say a little prayer 
for her/him. I will find out more about her in the coming days I’m sure. Just 
thanks for caring!!!  Ardy



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Ardy, just a warning. These often use VERY graphic pictures to encourage 
donations/signatures. If you have a really strong stomach and tolerance for 
evil, you'll be okay, but I've seen too much in real life. I have unfollowed 
the ones who send  them to me on FB, including one of my favorite people in the 
world. I just don't need to start my day that way :(


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Thanks – I will check out those sites…….. Ardy


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Stories like this kitten thrown from a moving car are TOO common. Force Change, 
Change.org & Animalpetitions.org are a few places that have petitions for 
protecting snimals and seeking justice.

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