Wonderful Ardy. Now to find the b@$1@r+ who did this to him so we can ensure 
that he doesn't ever do this again.


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My granddaughter Toni made a visit to the little gray kitty who has now been 
named "Lucky" (rather appropriately) because of his survival, and possibly also 
because he is now free of the horrible person who did this to him. Toni got to 
hold him today, ever so gently, and she said she can see the pupils in both of 
his eyes now, and also that his nose seems to be healing amazingly well. It had 
been sort of split, so I was worried that it would hinder his eating. I think 
he had some mouth injuries also. She said the gal who picked him up, Rachel, is 
very in tune with his needs. Right now of course he is frightened, and so she 
has his bed in a box that has 3 high sides, so he feels like he is "hiding". 
She is giving him lots of love and being very gentle. She has him in an 
enclosed porch so he is away from her other pets. She says "Update on Lucky: 
He's really starting to pick up on eating, still timid but it'll take time. 
Thank you to Toni Rae Jahr and her grandma for Lucky's bed, food, and toys." We 
have had other people offer to help with his expenses, and to buy him food, and 
other things. Somehow it just feels good to help this little guy, and to know 
that he will have a loving home now. Thanks everyone!!

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