Hi Kat,
I live in Dubuque, Iowa and when I talked to the staff they said no notes were 
attached. The cats were all relatively healthy; many had fleas, but were 
otherwise fine. There were two nursing momma cats, but one had no kittens so 
the staff feared she may have hid them. They searched the grounds but found no 
although they did capture a couple of cats that escaped the boxes and were in a 
tree! In just over a week all the cats were spayed or neutered, vaccinated and 
adopted out! The shelter put "You-haul it!" signs by those that were in the 
boxes. The Tux I have on hold was among those dropped off. All the adoption 
fees were waived and donations were all that were requested.
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<div>Hi Ken,</div>


<div>Which shelter is this?&nbsp; Just curious how someone could just drop off 
several boxes of cats...</div>

<div>Are they all doing well after being taken in at the shelter?&nbsp; Approx 
how old are the kittens?</div>

<div>This just boggles my mind.</div>


<div>Kat (Mew Jersey)</div>

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<div>How very kind of you Katherine, Amani, kat and Marlene for your kind words 
about Zorro. We are going to the shelter today to adopt another kitty. Some say 
there must be adequate time between cats in order to have honored the one who 
has passed. Perhaps. I, on the other hand, believe there is a cat waiting for 
me at the shelter. In fact, last Sunday when the staff of our shelter arrived 
to work, they found several U-Haul boxes of cats at the door! In total there 
were 40 kittens to four-year olds in the boxes. I saw a Tux among the mix and 
am going to see him today. I&#39;m also going to ask the vet to test him for 
FeLv at my cost. Also, I believe we must get rid of the litter pan from Zorro 
just to be on the safe side.<br>
Again, thank you all for your outreach; it means far more than you might 
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