Dear all,
I went to France today, to an oncologic clinic, although I was very uncertain 
on what's better for my cat. But I think Microbo deserves a proper diagnosis in 
case there is still hope for treatments.
The French vet explained me that he would not suffer for the exam of his bone 
marrow since they use anesthesia and morphine, and actually he seems fine now, 
even better than yesterday, he was hungry once back home.

The vet thinks that despite the cortisone Microbo has taken, they can find 
what's wrong with him. He also thinks that Microbo has neither leukemia nor 
lymphoma. He thinks of something else related to the bone marrow and in one 
case out of three it would be treatable. The other two scenarios would lead to 
leukemia in any case.

He knew nothing about Winstrol/stargate but wanted all the articles I had. It 
seems that in France they rather use nandrolone. 

In one week we will have the result and in the meanwhile I should also get the 
I found Sandy's article very interesting and saying the truth: it's not 
miraculous, but worth trying it when there is nothing we can loose. 
Now I feel better, since everything I could do has been done, including driving 
alone back and forth to France for almost 4 hours... but my kitty deserves this 
and even more.

Thanks for being there.

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