THANK YOU BOB. I have repeatedly asked people in all my cat groups to
delete old messages and change the subject on the subject line when
the topic changes. I think you and I are the only ones doing this!

BTW, I run Linux, not Microsoft, and it is easy for me to do this, I
wonder if it is difficult with Microsoft, which most people use, or
are people just too busy, don't bother, or what?


On 11-02, ROBERT CHAPEL wrote:
> PLEASE folks...
> A lot of us could be missing important information while leafing through 
> 20 previously posted messages and not noticing the ONE that is 
> new...     It is frustrating sometimes that I will go to the trouble of 
> deleting everything and then see it reappear anyway.... I don't get 
> it... BUT... still worth the effort for the time that it DOES work...
> I'll check and HOPE that this on doesn't include everything that went 
> before   : )
> Bob in Warwick ny

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