Yes, I am over cautious also. A real worrier, so your answers have helped me.
My daughter’s boss took in this stray cat, brought him to the vet for 
treatment, shots etc..
The boss is going away for a week, and asked if I could keep the cat during 
that time.
I have a cat garderie, but I never mix the cats, they have their own room. 
I said, « yes, of course »
        It is « later »that my daughter phoned to tell me he is positive for 
feline leukemia.
My daughter said that the vet said, just don’t put him with any other cats, and 
he needs his own food bowls. So I agreed, but started to worry!!
        But your answers have definitely helped. I’ll probably be over cautious
But I think that would be better! 

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> On Nov 22, 2017, at 7:36 PM, Shelley Theye <> wrote:
> Hi again Theresa,
> I am not understanding the circumstances.  Was the cat left at a vet clinic?
> Is your daughter’s friend adopting him?  If so, send the toys along with him 
> to his home.
> If he seems OK health-wise, other than testing positive, he could live for 
> years and be happy and a wonderful companion.
> Also, sometimes there are false positives on tests, so usually a second test 
> if done or a different type of test, like an IFA test.
> I guess to clarify, for the virus to be transmitted through the cats sharing 
> food or mutually grooming,
> it would be after a long period of time where the cats are in direct contact 
> with each other.
> And even then, the chances are on the lower side.  As Amani said, her cats 
> have lived together for 
> years with no transmission.
> I think keeping him separate since he will be with you for just the week, and 
> doing the basic hand washing, etc like i mentioned,
> should suffice.  I tend to be a worrier regarding germs, viruses, so am 
> probably more cautious in general.
> Shelley 
>> On Nov 22, 2017, at 4:34 PM, Theresa O'Rourke <> 
>> wrote:
>> I am still going to give the poor kitty a lot of love while he is here, it 
>> is so sad,
>> He was a stray someone has adopted brought to the vet! What a hard life 
>> these poor cats have.
>> My three cats are spoiled
>> 👍👍😊😊😊
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