I am again perplexed at the mail delivery for this group....  I've gotten nothing for a few weeks and just now THIS digest of messages..ALL of which I have received multiple times before. Has there been other information going back and forth for the past couple of weeks??

HOWEVER:  In relation to FIV...   it has clearly NOT been our experience at the shelter where I volunteer that FIV is any where near as deadly as FELV and we don't ever suggest that it is to potential adopters... Our FIV'S range in age from 1 year to 8 yrs plus and oftentimes don't even get the URI that runs through the entire menagerie at the beginning of Winter.... I've been volunteering there for 4 years and have seen only one of our FIV's die and that from the scourge of FIV's ( Feline Infectious Peritonitis) thankfully it did not claim any others ( until months later when a couple of FeLV residents died)... but, in general, our FIV's have remained quite healthy....  Personally, I would be FAR more confident of the future adopting an FIV over an FeLV Kitty


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Yes Ardy. FIV is also a death sentence, more often than not, for afflicted cats. And again, there is very little in the veterinary arsenal to combat it.


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