Special foods have never helped my cats.  getting them off grain filled foods 
and gmo helped the most.  Now I find that blue buffalo has sold out to general 
mills, will have to find another food for m guys.  Used to have vomiting and 
loose stools but once I got them off foods with grain, that stopped.  Only time 
Harley vomits is when he gulps down his food and it hits the moisture in his 
stomach and back up it comes.  We are switching to wet foods that are organic.  
Wet foods stay down.
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Thank you Bob :).  I will try to post some pictures sometime of the crew :).  

A friend had a kitty who had chronic diarrhea and nothing worked.  They found 
it was an autoimmune disease that was treated with B12 shots, prednisone, and 
hydrolyzed protein.  He was on this plan for a few months and has been diarrhea 
free for several years now.  He is also off the hydrolyzed protein food too.  
His stool is still softer than other cats but no diarrhea.   I am extremely 
familiar with cats not eating food additives and special foods that are 
supposed to help them.  My vet now says, "with any other cat we would do ____, 
but this is Becca so will attempt____.  


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