I think you’re low on the doxycycline. If you’re going to give it twice a day, 
stick to ¼ twice a day.

Also, if Oliver has trouble keeping food down (as my Zander did when I put this 
“protocol” together) I added metoclopramide ¼ tablet a little before I would 
feed him.


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Hi everyone,

My cat Oliver is 3.5 and has been diagnosed with FeLV and appears to have non 
regenerative anemia. So far he has been through 5 blood transfusions over the 
last month, the first 3 in the hospital in the first 6 days, and now he seems 
to be about a week to nine days in between. We couldn't get him stable enough 
to do a bone marrow aspiration before we started him on steroids so we don't 
have the full picture, but I want to do whatever I can to help.

I have perused the archives and I think I have come up with a treatment plan 
but I want to run it by everyone to see if I am doing it right.

So far I have seen the best treatment option to be

Winstrol – 1 mg twice a day

Doxycycline – 1/5 to ¼ tablet (100 mg) twice a day

Prednisolone – ½ 5 mg tablet, twice a day
This is the most common treatment I see you guys recommend. Right now he is 
only on Prednisolone.

I have read about Acemannan and Sodium Ascorbate treatments that may work but I 
haven't seen any info on that in the archives. Also what so you guys think 
about LTCI?

Thanks is advance. We have insurance on the little guy so $$ is not much of a 
problem. We are willing to try anything.


-Ben Pavlichek
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