Hi Nancy

She could definitely be a carrier. I wouldn’t be concerned as long as her blood 
work is okay. Keep a close eye on her gums, inside of the ears, and pads to 
watch for any paleness which might signify anemia.

I don’t think she NEEDS any help right now, but you might consider trying her 
on a long course of Doxycycline to see if maybe you can eliminate the virus. I 
have no idea if it would work, but in the three-pronged treatment I recommend, 
I believe that Doxycycline is blocking viral replication of the FeLV virus. If 
your vet is willing, you could try the Doxycycline – I would think at least 6 
weeks – and then wait a while and test her again for FeLV. If you give it a 
shot and it works, let the rest of us know.


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Hello,  My girl is 4 years old and has had FeLV for 3 years.  We took in a 
kitten 3 years ago who tested negative for it.  The two were together after 
that and 6 months later, I found out the negative was false.  The kitten was 
actually a positive.  When I tested my other girl, she also had it.  Kitten has 
since passed after 3 years of living with it, but my other girl is still going 
strong.  I had her retested yesterday because you would just never know she has 
it.  It was still positive.  Could she be a carrier?  The vet was very pleased 
with the blood work as it was perfect.  He thought she may be a carrier.  
Wanted to have your thoughts.  Although she is doing so well, should I be 
giving her something to help her?  Maybe to keep the immune system strong?  
Thank you.

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