Hi Wendy

Sounds like you have everything well under control. I think that the fact that 
he was put on four weeks of Doxy for the Bartonella will also help for FeLV, 
though my sense is that I would have kept him on it for another two weeks.

Just keep an eye for any signs of anemia. Keep checking his gums, the inside of 
his ears and his pads. You say his blood work is perfect. Are his reticulocytes 
okay? These are immature red blood cells and they will be depressed with FeLV. 
As long as his haematocrit, haemoglobin and reticulocyte counts are good, you 
are fine.


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We rescued a stray kitten, and he is felv positive.  He is approximately 9 
months old.  He is quarantined.  His blood work is perfect.  He is not 
exhibiting any other felv symptoms.  We treated him for giardia, and tests show 
he is cured of that.  We treated him with doxycycline for 4 weeks for 
bartonella, and he is due to get retested for bartonella at the end of this 
month.  We are giving him rx zyme, rx biotic, and rx essentials in the morning, 
and 1/2 moducare vet in the evening.  We also are giving him organic grain free 

Can anyone recommend a vet who specializes in felv treatment in Ventura County, 
CA, in Southern California, or elsewhere in California?  I called UC Davis, as 
we’d be willing to take our cat to Northern California, but no one has returned 
the calls.  Our local vet admittedly does not treat felv, and we want the best 
for our little cat.  From reading in this group, it seems that our vet is not 
on top of all of the tests and what those results mean.

Also, can anyone recommend any other treatments that we should add or change at 
this point?

Thank you,

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