Thursday, April 18, 2019
Arizona, USA
This seems to be an epidemic-my second cat (Phoebe -13 yrs old) is just 
beginning to get high levels-with no other signs - like vomiting.

Our new vet (just moved to AZ) was going to start her with a higher dose (.5)  
than my first one, KiKi- (.25)

KiKi had extreme over-the-top levels -he was 14 when diagnosed and the previous 
vet prescribed the .25 dose 2x’s a day of Methimazoli

 I’m  using a COMPOUND PHARMACY-in a liquid - using a syringe by mouth. Easy 
peezy !

I was concerned about the larger dose with a cat that was otherwise symptomless 
so I called the Vet & left a message- and explained my thoughts and asked if he 
wouldn’t reconsider a lower dose. 

He called back almost immediately and said he was glad I called-he had just 
been talking to some internists about Phoebe and they said they have NEW 
PROTOCOLS for dosing—
they are now waiting for numbers to be more out of line before medicating. 
So no meds for Phoebe yet!, will recheck blood work in 3-4 months.

I wrote all of that just to say-ask you vet more questions-if you aren’t using 
a compound pharmacy -try to find one-most will ship meds.

I will _not_ use the other method simply because of the stress the older cat 
must endure - I think stress is more harmful than the “cure” is helpful. So, 
you must endure my my 2 cents❤️😁
Gloria-furmommy to 15 cats, most feralborn

-g 🇺🇸
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> Hello everyoone,
> I have a 12 year old former feral who was diagnosed with hyper thyroid 
> yesterday.  Herm level is 4.7 and she is one meds, 2.5mg of Felimazole 
> morning and evening.  I had one cat about 10 years ago that we did 
> radioactive iodine.  the isolation was very hard on her and she went downhill 
> after she got home, bleeeding from nose, etc.  don't really want to repeat 
> that.  Homey is especially bonded with me and has been my caregiver since my 
> heart surgery.  she has alerted me to one time of gasping for air in the 
> night and 3 instances of low sugar.  she sleeps plastered to my chest and 
> when she is on my lap, holds on to me   I am very attached to her and do not 
> want to loose her so am hoping meds work.  
> my question is:  does anyone know of alternative or better ways of treating 
> this?
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