My husband and I recently took in a Fel-V+ kitty that showed up outside our 
house a couple of months ago. We already had 7 other kitties so we had to keep 
Fergus (kitty’s name) isolated in the upstairs portion of our house. 

He is experiencing bloating, is very gassy, and still has diarrhea (softer 
stools) and I was wondering if this is a typical symptom of a positive kitty. 

He’s been to the vet and no parasites were found, but he was running a fever. 
He is on Clavamox to help with the fever, but other than the 
bloating/gas/diarrhea he is a normal kitty. We’ve tried figuring out if he had 
an issue or allergy to specific foods, but nothing we’ve done has changed his 
bloating/gas/diarrhea. He did have an ultrasound at the vet visit and there 
were no masses or obstructions. 

Is this possibly a symptom of the Fel-V?  What sort of stuff should we be 
looking for?

He’s such a sweet, loving kitty and my husband’s baby!  How can we help this 

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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