I don’t know if erythropoietin can be used with Stanozolol, but I don’t see why 

However, I am not sure that erythropoetin will help. Not to bore everyone silly 
again with this explanation, but erythropoietin stimulates the bone marrow to 
make more red cells. However, the bone marrow which is damaged by the FeLV 
virus, cannot respond to the signals being sent by the erythropoietin and is 
unable to make more red cells. The Stanozolol works on the bone marrow itself 
to produce new bone marrow cells, and thus, enable the new cells to produce red 
cells again. So no, the Stanozolol doesn’t increase erythropoietin. If it is 
going to work, it seems to work directly on the bone marrow, and especially on 
the progenitor cells in the bone marrow which produce the red cells.

Are you giving the stanozolol with the Doxycycline and prednisone?

If it were me, I would proceed with the blood transfusion, and double up the 
Stanozolol. I don’t know what level you’re giving. 1 mg twice daily or 2 mg 
twice daily. Try increasing the strength. Athletes take stanozolol at 1000X 
recommended dosing and rarely suffer any side effects.

The other thing to be aware of in interpreting your blood results is this. The 
life span of red cells is about 45 days if I remember correctly, so you will 
have a falling off of the haematocrit as the red cells from the last 
transfusion die off. Look to see what the reticulocyte count is, and what it is 
now compared to a previous blood result. However, even that result may also be 
affected by the transfusion, so I am not sure if you would see the true numbers 
or see the transfused cells instead. In other words, the dropping of the 
haematocrit may be more about the natural dying off of the last batch of red 
cells, rather than whether there is any effect yet of the meds. Nonetheless, to 
be on the safe side, if you are worried, go ahead with the transfusion.


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We did another blood work today, her hematocrit is 13% now :(

She is very sleepy but responsive when i talk to her.

I don´t know if i can wait some more days to see if stanozolol is working. Or 
maybe it would be better get another transfusion right now.

Today, vet talk about erythropoietin. Do you know if it can be used with 

Thank you,


Em sáb, 1 de jun de 2019 às 14:44, Amani Oakley 
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Hi Patricia – I gave all the pills together, morning and evening, except for 
the metoclopramide which was given ½ or so before meals. The rest I gave with 
the meals. I didn’t observe a problem with giving them together.

You might also try baby food to get Nori to eat. Get the pureed kind (beef or 
chicken with or without vegetables), so it can be sucked up into a syringe. If 
my Zander wasn’t eating (and he wasn’t at the start of the medication regime), 
then I would use a syringe to get the baby food into him. Baby food is easy to 
digest and has good things in it. I would target – say – five 3 cc 
syringe-fulls at each feeding. I would boost the number of syringe-fulls if 
possible. Eventually, Zander started eating the baby food on his own, and then 
I graduated to moist food, and really, anything he wanted until he put the 
weight back on.

I had a look at the picture you sent and Nori is adorable. I am crossing my 
fingers for you and for Nori. Keep us updated on her progress.


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Hi, Amani!

Thanky you very much for you email!

Nori was discharged from the hospital yesterday night. She is eating baby dry 
food. I tried canned but she didn´t accept so weel.

Today i bought other kinds of canned, i'll try them hoping she likes some one.

Compound pharmacy must delivery stanozolol today.

Are there any precautions regarding medication schedules? Close or far to doxy, 
for example?

This is Nori: 

Thank you!


Em qui, 30 de mai de 2019 às 20:52, Amani Oakley 
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Sorry Patricia – after going on and on in my last email, I realized I hadn’t 
actually answered your question. I think you can probably use the stanozolol 
with the Doxycycline, without the prednisone, but prednisone itself has 
properties which help to boost red cell production. Try it out, keep close tabs 
on the haematology results and see if you are getting a good response on just 
Doxycycline and the Stanozolol. If not, add the prednisone. You may find that 
this combination assists with the FIP as well, as per my previous email.


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Hi from Brazil,

I rescued a very weak, dehydrated, extremely thin kitten.

She's hospitalized now. Her hematocrit was 8, had blood transfusion which 
raised hematocrit to 22, now it is 19. Low reticulocyte count.
She has difficulty walking, which we can not define if it is just weakness or 
neurological. Already had a seizure.

She also have changes in her kidneys. It has been tested and is felv +

She is receiving doxy and the hospital vets would like to include prednisolone.

However, as it is not possible yet to rule out PIF, and the medication I could 
use in the case of PIF does not work if the cat received prednisolone, I am 
trying to avoid it.

The veterinarian agreed to prescribe stanozolol.

Can it be used without prednisolone, only with doxy she is already receiving?

Thank you!

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