I see that feline interferon omega was discussed here a number of years ago.


Below is recent information about feline interferon omega, shared by a 
biologist who is a member of another feline discussion group.


Feline interferon omega is different from human interferon alfa, which will 
eventually cause a serious reaction if injected into a cat (though I’m told it 
can be used orally to control mouth sores with no risk of a reaction).


- Lorraine

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“The European Veterinary Advisory Board on Cat Diseases recommends to treat 
FELV-infected cats with recurring infections as follows : ‘Treat recurring 
infections aggressively (e.g., longer courses of and/or bacteriocidal 
antibiotics). Consider treatment with feline interferon-omega (106 IU/kg SQ q 
24 h for 5 consecutive days, 3 courses starting on days 0, 14 and 60)’ "

“They note in their Table 3 that injectable Feline Omega Interferon showed 
"efficacy in vivo," on FELV+ cats; that is it showed ‘some effects (most likely 
more on secondary infections,’ in properly designed studies by de Mari et al. 
(2004) and Gil et al. (2013). They note also in their Table 3 that subcutaneous 
or oral Human interferon alpha was ineffective in in vivo studies on FELV+ 


(end quote)

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