I very seldom post here, but your baby is very anemic.  HCT 14% and if it 
continues to drop will need a transfusion.  Many here at one time suggested 
Winstrol for anemia.  
https://www.rxlist.com/winstrol-side-effects-drug-center.htm    I am sure 
others will chime in here, but this was said to work.  

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div.yiv9841986119WordSection1 {} --&gt;Hello, Our FELV positive neutered male 
cat approximately 1 and ½ years old has gotten very sick suddenly.  He is a 
house cat, and he was neutered in May of 2019.  Would you please let us know 
what we can do to help our much-loved cat?  A few days ago, he became lethargic 
and lost interest in eating.  We had his blood drawn yesterday and he had iv 
fluids yesterday, and today we were told he needed a blood transfusion (or two) 
and more iv fluids, and then a bone marrow test tomorrow.  We were told that 
the first blood transfusion today was not very effective because he got so many 
iv fluids at the same time, so now they are going to give him another 
transfusion.  As background, we rescued him as a stray from Barbados in October 
2018 when he was about 6 months old, and he has been healthy, active, happy and 
gaining weight, despite being FELV positive.  Since October 2018, we cured him 
of giardia and bartonella henselae.  On 12/31/2018, he tested positive for the 
ELISA and IFA, although his blood work was in normal ranges at that time.  In 
03/2019, we started giving him 1 t-cyte shot once per month, and we started 
giving him 1ml of interferon per days for 7 days on and then 7 days off, 
repeated.  We have continued the interferon and t-cyte in this manner ever 
since 03/2019.  Just yesterday, here are the results of his blood work that are 
not in normal range: AST (SGOT) 106 Glucose 178 CPK 711 WBC 20.5 RBC 2.5 HGB 
4.5 HCT 14 NRBC 9 Platelet Count 78 Neutrophils 1640 Lymphocytes 17630 
Monocytes 1025 Basophils 205 Protein 2+ Reticulocyte 0.6 and 15000 Would you 
please let us know what we can do to help our cat? Thank you, Wendy 
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