Hello, Our 1 and ½ year old male, Bado, is FELV+ and has been taking 1ml of 
Human Interferon once per day, seven days on and seven days off, since March of 
2019.  Bado was just diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  We have started 
treating Bado with chemo using Doxorubicin.  Does anyone know if the 
Doxorubicin is more or less effective either combined with Human Interferon or 
Feline Interferon, or if we should halt the use of all Interferon for a time 
and just deal with the chemo?  Our oncologist and internist work well together, 
but they do not have a definitive answer for us, so at this point we are 
leaning towards halting the use of all Interferon to be certain it does not 
interfere with the chemo Doxorubicin.  We also want to be sure that this is not 
creating additional risks for Bado to stop all Interferon.  Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Wendy and Bado

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