> When linking a program with Haskell Code (also the main program),
> and interfacing to C functions (a lib*.a C++ application 
> library is also combined),
> the following error occurs:
> c:/ghc/ghc-6.0/libHSrts.a(Main.o)(.text+0x86):Main.c: 
> undefined reference to
> `__stginit_Main'
> c:/ghc/ghc-6.0/libHSrts.a(Main.o)(.text+0x9b):Main.c: 
> undefined reference to
> `Main_zdmain_closure'
> In the contrary, the error does not occur when linking a few 
> functions to the Haskell Main only.

Could you describe in more detail exactly what you're doing?  We need to

 - what version of GHC
 - what platform
 - the exact command lines you used
 - if possible, a copy of the code so we can reproduce the problem

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