Hi, my name is Autumn Bryan and I am a Sales Assistant at 180Solutions, Inc. I noticed 
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Autumn Bryan

Autumn Bryan
180Solutions Inc
W (425) 522-1135
F (425) 522-1199        

If you are interested in even more detailed information about us, please read on, or 
visit our site at:

We have over 21,000,000 users that have our n-CASE Comparison Shopping Software on 
their computers and we continue to grow by over 1.5 million users every month. Our 
n-CASE software is a Comparison Alternative Shopping Engine, which users install so 
that they can receive shopping assistance and targeted advertising messages based on 
what and where they are surfing online.

Here are a few examples of campaigns we are currently running:

1.) When any of our users are online and type in "sales rep", "secretary" or "data 
entry" for example, we deliver our user to the advertisers web site with job offers 
directly related to the job they just typed in.

2.) When any of our users type in "running shoes", "Nike shoes", "Adidas" we deliver 
that user directly to the appropriate product page for our advertiser showing what 
they have in stock related to the users search. By delivering our advertisers web page 
directly to our user, it simply becomes an extension of their online search and since 
we aren't trying to have the user click on an advertisement, many simply proceed with 
their product search within our advertisers website and related products.

If you expect to spend more than $5,000 per month with us, please feel free to contact 
me and I will connect you with one of our large account managers in order to help 
optimize your traffic.

I look forward to having you as a customer, please let me know if there is anything I 
can do personally to help make that happen.


Autumn Bryan

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