> You can also try the IRC channel #haskell at
> irc.freenode.net for
> real-time help.
Thanks, I'll get an IRC client and give that a try.

> I not sure now linking on done on a windows box but
> aren't you
> supposed to use '-lLibName'?
No, if you do, it will complain, "can't find
'-lLibName'".  I don't know why, since it's a port of
the same program....

> Google finds a number of binding to Berkely DB. Have
> you tried those?
I found the MissingH binding, which looks ok, but
doesn't  expose what I want to use; for instance it's
I/O is string-only, and doesn't have cursor support. 
Besides, while I'm not a great Haskell hacker, I'm
pretty ok in C++, and figure I can contribute to the
community via making bindings available, and will
probably think of other things I also want to
integrate to, so I really want to learn the FFI.  

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