Hi everybody,

I know this sounds like an issue many have faced before me, but good old google didn't come up with any helpful results. The basic problem is that I need to marshal a union so I can pass it to a C function via FFI. So to make sure I have my head wrapped around this correctly, say I have a union like so:
typedef union {
    int i;
    char c;
} my_union;

This would typically be represented in Haskell as:
data myUnion = I CInt | C CChar

My question is how would you marshall (define an Storable instance for) myUnion into my_union? It's my understanding that an instance my_union would take up sizeof(int) bytes in memory, i.e. the size of it's largest member. So to store this we would write something along the lines of:
instance Storable myUnion where
    size _ = #{size my_union} -- <-- hsc2hs shortcut
alignment _ = alignment undefined::CInt -- <-- What should this really be? peek ptr = do -- <-- How are you supposed to know which element to extract? poke ptr (I i) = poke ptr i -- <-- Or should this be #{poke my_union, i} ptr i ?
    poke ptr (C c) = poke ptr c

I hope this clear. I appreciate all the help. If this question has already been answered, which I'm sure it has, please point me to right spot. Thanks again for everyone's time.

Nabil Alsharif.

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