Just a FYI,

I noticed the recent, but limited CEA-608 decoder addition to the
project.  I have developed my own version to translate these to 25
frame STL files a while ago in my own time for the broadcaster I work
for. I would have submitted them, but I loath using git for any thing
but basic retrival.  As my code has a lower memory footprint, has full
char support with ASS styling, with built-in MXF VANC and DVB support.
I've put it up on my google site at

So if any one wants to include it can go ahead.  Also I would suggest
due to the way VBI captions and subtitles are encapsulated. I would be
an idea to promote the use of embedded timing for text based subtitles
as packet timing will not work out.  ie, the depricated SRT encoder is a
better option than the SubRip encoder.

PS, for MXF you need to added these lines to the demuxer:

static const MXFCodecUL mxf_data_essence_container_uls[] = {
// data essence container uls
{ { 
14,   AV_CODEC_ID_NONE },    /* Generic VBI Data */
{ { 
14,   AV_CODEC_ID_MXF_VANC }, /* Generic ANC Data */
{ { 
0,      AV_CODEC_ID_NONE },

{ { 
mxf_read_generic_descriptor, sizeof(MXFDescriptor), Descriptor }, /* VANC */

PPS, I not on this mailing list either.

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