Am 12.09.16 um 12:01 schrieb Paul B Mahol:
> On 9/12/16, Thilo Borgmann <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> these are the resulting notes we've taken during the FFmpeg technical
>> discussion
>> during VDD 2016. We've ended up with two slides on the board and compn took
>> pictures of them. You can find them here:
>> Additional info:
>> - There were two more job offers compn forgotto write down. One from Alex at
>> Comcast to implement a perceptional video filter in lavfi for 4K, along with
>> mcdeint and denoise filters. Contact compn to get more information about
>> this.
>> Also Kodi is looking for python plugin developers. Compn also thinks that
>> they
>> are looking for Android devs, too.
>> - The group working on ffv1 specification said they've also opportunities
>> for
>> work. However you've to contact the commission members at archivist
>> conferences.
>> I think we haven't got a list of these conferences, though.
>> All the rest is on the slides, more or less in shape. In case anyone has
>> interest in going for one of these tasks and/or want to start a discussion,
>> feel
>> free to do so by posting to the mailing list.
> What means 'Real World Metric filters', 'RGB levels' and 'waveforms'?

Forwarding for compn:

Re: Paul's question, I don't know exactly what filters were requested. I'll ask
on vdd mailing list for answers.

The requested filters were broadcast stuff.

Maybe something like this

Wow, it almost looks like that it's already here

Maybe just linking the wiki examples in the docs may help people find it?


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