On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 18:09:51 +0000, Greg Rowe wrote:
You attached the old patch. ;-)

Is there a good way to generate the tone while avoiding floating
point operations?

Well that's embarrassing. I'll fix that after we figure out how best to handle the tone generation. :)

Good point: libavfilter/asrc_sine.c does exactly that, if I understand
the code correctly. And avoids math.h's sin() by creating a lookup
table. (I'm not sure whether your patch should have included math.h
explicitly. It was probably pulled in via avutil headers.)

Now I think you would be duplicating some stuff from there. Perhaps
something to be put into common functions and reused?

I saw that today. There is also ff_generate_wave_table which I *think* is applicable but I'm not certain and didn't have the time yet to play with.

I removed the unrelated changes.

They might be worthwhile anyway, later then.

I'll submit a patch for those changes after this one get straightened out. I have a patch I'd like to submit for the Sky Media format (a container format we use at Shoretel). I thought I'd get my feet wet with this change first!


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