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>> Thanks a lot for explaining this. I do see now that the needed
>> metadata is being set on the HTTPContext struct in the http protocol
>> file. For the ffmpeg.c app, AVFormatContext along with a few others
>> are the only accessible structs through the public headers.
> Via the AVOption API (see libavutil/opt.h).
>> HTTPContext, HLSContext and others are just defined inside their
>> respective private implementations. AVFormatContext's priv->data also
>> carries this context in it.
> Variables referenced by AVOptions are indirectly accessible via the
> AVOption API.
>> If there are something set in the HTTPContext through av_dict_set and
>> I wanted to access it inside ffmpeg.c using av_dict_get, what instance
>> should this be called on? AVFormatContext->priv_data cast as an
>> HTTPContext? What if I wanted to use AVClass to verify that the class
>> name and only then proceed with reading the option? Thanks again.
> You call the AVOption API on the AVCodecContext pointer. The dictionary
> stuff can also be used to set AVOptions, but obviously only in one
> direction.
> Also, please don't top-post.
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AVFormatContext's metadata is certainly accessible to the app. This is
great to know that the AVOptions API can be used to set the metadata
on the AVFormatContext or the AVStream.

Thanks a lot for the guidance. Also, no more top-posting!
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