Le nonidi 19 thermidor, an CCXXV, John Warburton a écrit :
> Gentlemen, I am sorry to report that this particular patch to
> lavfi/vf_stack.c breaks FFmpeg on-screen output when a vertical stack
> (vstack) follows a horizontal stack (hstack). Below, please find a
> chain to -filter_complex, cut down from a much more complex chain,
> that reproduces the problem.

This issue seems fixed by these changes:


I thought it could only be triggered with the specific configuration
caused by dualinput, but you obviously found another way.

The patches in this series need some review before being pushed.

Also, it would help deciding stuff if you, as a user, told us: if you
had to write "scale=w=1536:h=512" instead of "scale=1536:512" to be
completely sure that your scripts will not break on upgrade, would you
consider that an unacceptable burden?


  Nicolas George

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