Hi FFmpeg team,

I was using af_pan to subtract one audio file from another. I first used an 
amerge filter and then configured the pan filter with a channel formula like 

However, this does not work as expected. In debug output, I can see that 
channel 0 correctly uses gain coefficients 1 and -1 for c0 and c2. But channel 
1 incorrectly uses -1 and -1 for c1 and c3.

I looked into the code and found that the sign handling is currently wrong. 
When the last contribution of a formula is subtracted, the sign variable will 
be correctly set to -1 in line 191. But when then leaving the gains loop in 
line 189, because we reached the end of the formula for an output channel, sign 
is not reset. We therefore re-enter the gains loop for the next output channel 
with sign still -1. The first gain in this new formula will therefore be 

The attached patch fixes the problem for me.


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