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>>On 11/22/17, 1:47 PM, "刘歧" <l...@chinaffmpeg.org> wrote:
>>> 在 2017年11月22日,14:53,Karthick J <kjeya...@akamai.com> 写道:
>>> ---
>>> libavformat/hlsenc.c | 130 +++++++-----------------------------------
>>> libavformat/hlsenc.h | 158 
>>> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>>> 2 files changed, 177 insertions(+), 111 deletions(-)
>>> create mode 100644 libavformat/hlsenc.h
> […]
>> move the APIs to an C source file, and use ff_ prefix, refer to: 
>> https://ffmpeg.org/developer.html#toc-Naming-conventions
> Thanks for the reply.
> I am not adding it to the API or a global function.
> Those are just ‘static’ utility functions, to allow code reuse.
> The scope will be limited only to those files including hlsenc.h.
> Developer guide states “For file-scope variables and functions declared as 
> static, no prefix is required”.
> For example, oggdec.h has two static functions without ff_ prefix.

Regardless, having a bunch of complex functions in a header is not the
preferred way (because their code gets duplicated), its usually
reserved for extremely simple functions or special cases. Instead, put
them into a .c file and give them the ff_ prefix, like most common
shared code we use.

- Hendrik
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